Tuesday, August 30, 2005

SunniPath Academy: Fall Semester -- New Courses!

SunniPath Online Academy Announces its Fall 2005 Semester!

Register now - limited space.
Same great courses, plus many, many excellent new courses.

For more information check out the Course Catalogue

The best thing about SunniPath Academy is that it's convenient to fit into our busy everyday lives. The lessons are recorded so you don't have to worry about adjusting your schedule around class lecture times. There are Live Tutorials with Audio/Video/Text capability (that are also recorded if you can't make it). Forums for students to interact, ask questions, make comments. Tech help is a button away, though rarely needed! And of course, contemporary scholars who understand the world we live in and have training in the Islamic sciences from years of studying at the feet of great scholars.

May Allah bless SunniPath in all that it sets out to do and more. Amin.

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