Monday, August 29, 2005

Shaykh Nuh: Making Friends with the Dunya...and a Resume of the Tariq

At a very apt moment in my life, I remember putting on a CD from one Shaykh Nuh's suhbas and the following words were forever etched in my heart:

Allah says, "Say, Look at that which is in the heavens and the earth". Shaykh AbdurRahman al-Shaghouri often said that this meant more than just looking left and right, but that created things outwardly are all fraud and deceit that promise a great deal.

"Nobody ever made friends with the dunya, except that she betrayed him. Nobody ever threw his arms around her neck, except that she killed him."

So Allah means to look at things with the eyesight and the insight.

He began that talk with a resume of everything single thing in the tariq from beginning to end, opening with this comprehensive hikam of Ibn Ata'Illah:

"Whoever knows Allah sees Him in everything.
And he who is annihilated in Allah is oblivious to everything.
And he who loves Allah does not prefer to Him anything."

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