Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Seeking One's Provision...

People often worry over finding employment. I hear it a lot, especially on university campuses with new graduates apprehensive about paying back student loans, finding a job after studying for years, or wanting to get married... The following hikam is worth thinking over...

Your striving for what is absolutely guaranteed to you and your laxness in what is required of you are evidence that your inner eye is dull. - Hikam of Sidi Ibn Ata'illah.

I've heard many great scholars - Shaykh Hamza Yusuf amongst them - recommend Surat al-Waqi'a because of the hadith
"Whoever reads surat al-Waqi`a every night shall never suffer poverty" is recommended as indicated by Imam al-Nawawi's inclusion of it in his Adhkar and his other books such as the Tibyan and the Tahdhib, and by Imam al-Mundhiri's inclusion of it in al-Targhib wal-Tarhib.

No, I'm not saying we shouldn't actively seek employment. We should take the means, have peace of heart, and leave it up to the One who provides.

(Image says "al-Razzaq" - "The Sustainer" and was done by Ustadha Aisha Holland, may Allah preserve her. **Please do not re-use the image without permission and proper credit**. On another note, I'm elated at the fact that I figured out how to use images all by myself.)

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