Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Our Bodies House Our Hearts

Our bodies house our hearts and our souls, and it is by these that we know God, and thus they are our most prized possessions. The Prophet Muhammad (God bless him and give him peace) said, “there is a part of the body that, if sound, the entire body is sound” and he pointed to the heart. God says in a sacred Muslim tradition, “the heavens and the earth do not contain Me, but the heart of the believer does contain Me”. What we do with our physical being inevitably impacts our heart and soul, our very core. Thus, what we listen to, what we look at, what we do with our limbs all infringe upon our heart. If these are good, pure things, they act as a polish on the mirror that is the heart, if they are evil impurities, they act as a rust on that mirror and blur our vision of what is Real and Sublime. Indeed, as the famous Muslim mystical poet Rumi says:

The mirror does not reflect. How is this so?
Do you know why the mirror does not reflect anything?
Because the rust has not been cleansed from its face.

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