Friday, July 08, 2005

We Are All Collateral Damage - Imam Zaid Shakir (Zaytuna)

If you read nothing else on the issue of the London bombings, I suggest you take 3 minutes to read this short piece by Imam Zaid Shakir. Written first, and foremost, as a human being. He has eloquently said what I and others have felt for a long time.

New Article by
Imam Zaid Shakir on the recent bombings in London, courtesy of The Zaytuna Institute:

The Roads to Peace

The roads to peace are paths of war,

The gentle dove will leave her scar.

The moral men to say the least,

Will kill us all to get their peace.

The roads that lead to victories gained,

Are filled with people full of pain.

Only our Creator knew,

We’d kill so many to save so few.

The recent terrorist tragedy in
London is disheartening. Once again some nefarious force has seen fit to totally disregard innocent human life in pursuit of a vile agenda that few of us know and even fewer could understand.

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