Monday, July 04, 2005

Seeing the End in the Beginning

Mustafa, the Pole and the Emperor and the Sea of Purity, has told us truly,
That what the ignorant will see in the end the wise see from the first step

If matters are hidden and secret at the beginning, the wise
man sees at first, while that obstinate one (sees) at last.

The beginning thereof is concealed, and both the wise man
and the ignorant will see the end in (the moments of its) manifestation

(But) if you, O contumacious one, do not see the hidden event
(before it comes to pass)- when did the torrent sweep away your prudence?

What is prudence? To think ill. In this world, he (the prudent one)
at every moment will (expect to) see a sudden calamity.

-Rumi, Masnavi 3:2196-2201 (Trans. R.A. Nicholson)

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