Friday, July 22, 2005

Turning to God in troubled times…. (Seeker's Digest)

A timely post by Sidi Faraz Rabbani...

Turning to God in troubled times….

al-Du`a al-Nasiri - Text and Translation

Du`a’ al-Nasiri
is a power and moving supplication by one of the righteous scholars of North Africa, to lift hardship and distress. In times like this, with Muslims in distress in the East and West, we should turn to Allah. After all, He tells us, "Call on Me, and I shall answer you." [Qur’an, 40.60]

A recital may be found (with Spanish translation!) at: Dua Nasiri

O You to whose mercy one flees!
You in whom the one in need and distress seeks refuge!

And peace and blessings be upon the Beloved Messenger of Allah, his pure family, noble companions, and all followers.

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