Monday, January 19, 2009

Love Post-Hadra

So many warm smiles that care.
So many shoulders to lean on.
So many to share in our happiness.

...So many that love us ever so sincerely.

But why? What does it mean?

Perhaps it is that Allah's Love, so Intensely Powerful and Strong, in its Purest form, is a Love that we cannot bare -- one by which, enraptured, we would cease to live.

Perhaps this is why our Loving Lord has put these people in our lives. The warm smiles of loved ones and passing strangers. The counsel and support of shoulders we lean on. The joy-lit eyes of well-wishers. The love in all forms, shapes, sizes, and means.

Perhaps this is the way by which Allah lets the Rays of His Loving Light come to us in a way that we can bare.

They are His Smiles, His Support, His Joy...His Love. Glory be to Him.

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