Saturday, July 12, 2008

Spiritual Tendencies Has Returned

The older blog of our brother Shaik (, Spiritual Tendencies, has returned, alhamdulillah. Welcome back, Sidi.

The Strong Man

The strong man is the one who is happy when this world leaves his hands, departs from him and flees from him, and he is happy when people blame him and accuse him. He is content with it because of his knowledge of God. Shaykh Ibn ‘Atā’Illah, may God be pleased with him, said in his Hikām, “If you are pained because people do not turn to you or direct blame towards you, then go back to the knowledge of God in you. If you are not content with His knowledge. then your affliction by your lack of contentment with His knowledge is worse than your affliction by their abuse. Abuse is channelled through them so that you will not rely on them. He wants to rouse you and move you away from everything so that nothing distracts you from Him.”

- Shaykh Muhammad al-’Arabī ad-DarqāwīRasā’il Mawlāy al-’Arabī ad-Darqāwī

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