Friday, July 25, 2008

The Power of the Divine Name

"If We had sent down this Koran upon a mountain,
thou wouldst have seen it humbled, split asunder
out of fear of God.
And those similitudes--We strike them for men;
haply they will reflect."

Yesterday after an intense dhikr, a visiting Shaykh quoted this verse and said that this is what Allah says about the Qur'an descending upon a mountain. What then, when the Divine Name comes upon the lips of the mu'min?

Subhan'Allah. A fear often overcomes me when I reflect on the amount of mubarak people Allah has put in my life... shuyukh, awliya, real believers and salihin... and the knowledge of what I am despite all these beautiful people. Allah, forgive me that which others know not of me, and make me better than what they think me to be.

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