Saturday, January 26, 2008

Ode to Muhammad (The Wandering Troubadour)

I recently discovered the blog of a brother we met in Madinah, who, it turns out, is a talented poet, masha'Allah. Below is his Ode to Muhammad (Allah bless him and give him peace) check out his blog Trobador for his other work.

Ode to Muhammad

In praise of the Messenger of GOD, peace and blessings be upon, and in vindication of his noble character against the defamation of the disbelievers and a reminder of the miraculous events that took place during the Night Journey;may GOD bless and preserve him and his ummah.

Bismillah Al-Rahman Al-Rahim.

The peace and blessing and mercy of GOD
Could have no target more worthy than he,
The orphan of Mecca, whose feet did trod
This hollow world for sixty years and three.
O honoured is he, the truthful merchant,
Who would sit upon the Mountain of Light
And emmerged from the dark cave with no rant
But Sacred Words for the world to recite.
Praise him, who gently turned the cheek from sin
And showed mercy to the foe who showed none.
Praise him, who guided the wayward man and jinn
And taught that Our LORD and GOD is ONE.

O the Glorious Journey of the Night!The night
GOD’s Favour became manifest
When HE called thee to Heaven’s Highest Height
And showed thee what no one else could attest.
Thou did surpass the best of every nation
In a night of wonders beyond wonder
When thou did ascend the highest station,
Where all mortal words are rent asunder.
Thou, ascendant to the Majestic Throne,
Did behold the KING of Kings without veil!
At the distance of two bows His Face shown;
O Imam of Imams, words cannot avail.

O the blessing of our Prophet’s guidance
And the sweetness of the gifts from his flight:
The complete prayer taught to us to enhance
The pious art of gaining inner-sight!
The fruit of the knowledge of prophecy
He delivered for those who do reflect
And through his guidance it is plain to see
The path of error and the path of the correct.
O ray of light against the darkness and rain
I honour and vindicate thy pure name!
May praise for thy nobleness never wane
And may praising lips never tire or lame!


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