Saturday, January 05, 2008


I'm doing the missings.

I miss Madinah,
I miss Makkah,
I miss the people that were with us.
And I miss the luggage that got lost between Saudi and NYC.

Please make du'a that going back to work goes well and that our luggage gets back to us!

Alhamdulillah 'ala kulli haal - it is as Allah ordained it to be.



  1. Hmm... Lost luggage. That's a tough one! I don't know if any religious traditions work well there, lol! I do hope you get it back.

    I wonder what's up with that? The airline industry has changed a lot since I was a kid, but not the lost luggage part. That stays the same. Haven't they had enough practice at getting it right??

  2. Anonymous9:26 AM

    May Allah make the post-Hajj 'blues' easy for you insha'Allah. I had to return to work the day after I landed- It was a tough one but Alhamdulillah there was wisdom in it.

    Hope you get your luggage back.

    love & duas

  3. Anonymous12:33 AM

    Alhamdulillah! That you have returned safely. Lost luggage? It will be returned to you if Allah wills.

    What have you really lost, and what have you truly gained :)

    Ya Haqq!