Sunday, November 13, 2005

I have servants among my servants who love me....

Verily, I have servants among my servants who love Me, and I love them, and they long for Me, and I long for them, and they look at Me and I look at them... And their signs are that they preserve the shade at daytime as compassionately as a herdsman preserves his sheep, and they long for sunset as the birds longs for his nest at dusk, and when the night comes and shadows become mixed and the beds are spread out and the bedsteads are put up and every lover is alone with his beloved, then they will stand on their feet and put their faces on the ground and will call Me with My word and will praise Me with My graces, half crying and half weeping, half bewildered and half complaining, sometimes standing, sometimes sitting, sometimes kneeling sometimes prostrating, and I see what they bear for My sake and I hear what they complain for My love. [Hadith Qudsi]

- Text from Thoughts and Readings
- Image from Spiritual Tendencies (Kun Ma'a Allah - Be with Allah)

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