Sunday, November 20, 2005

Hope in People (Spiritual Tendencies)

In a letter to his student, Shaykh Muhammad ‘Uthman al-Mirghani, Shaykh Ahmad Ibn Idris—may Allah bless their souls—wrote:

“Understand my son, that although your contemporaries appear to be flattering you, their hearts are filled with feeble intentions, which will bring no profit from God. That which God, may He be Praised and Exalted, commanded the Prophet (S) was that he should be patient only with. ‘Those who call upon their Lord at morning and evening desiring His countenance (Qur’an 6:52)’. The company of mean people who desire not the company of God and His Messenger is a deadly poison which instantly kills faith, save only that God prevents it. So try your utmost to stay away from your contemporaries since their affection (for you) is not sincerely directed towards God. May God protect you from such people.

Beware, beware. and above all beware of the conceit (al-ightirar) which may arise from the attention the people pay you and their exaltation of you, for that is a temptation and a trial. To watch their attention to you is a deadly poison and a barren lightning accompanying torrential rain. Do not be preoccupied with them and do not place your hopes in them, but turn towards your Lord with your whole self, body and soul. Indeed, there is nothing more harmful to a true faqir than his hope in people, for hope in people is a sword which cuts from God.”

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