Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Ramadan Kareem!

I pray this month finds you in the best of health and happiness. May we all make the most of the many blessings and opportunities that await us this month!

Many find it difficult to adjust to the changes life brings. For instance, Ramadan may once have been defined by fasting, going to the mosque for tarawih, and staying up all night in worship. Pregnancy, nursing, and children can drastically alter this definition for moms of wee little ones.  

So let us brainstorm some ways of making the most of Ramadan when we cannot fast or go out to the mosque for night prayers:
  • Make an explicit intention each day that your eating is not for yourself, but for the nourishment of the baby entrusted to you by Allah. Therefore, during fasting hours, avoid "indulging" in unhealthy foods that are not nutritious for your baby (candy, junk, chocolate, sweets, etc.) and only eat good foods in necessary amounts.
  • Create a wird of Qur'an or adhkar that you can do with your children (or aloud around them if they are too little to sit still). It doesn't have to be long so that they become impatient. A little can go a long way.
  • Come up with a schedule that works for you and your family. For instance, once the kids are sleeping, getting up and giving yourself 1-2 hours for ibaadah, maybe even in their room if they won't let you leave. You may not be able to get out for tarawih, but you can still keep the sunnah alive in your life by praying on your own.  20 rakats can easily be completed in as little as 30 minutes. Allah knows your heart's desire and insha'Allah, in a few years those little munchkins will be old enough to join you at the masjid!
  • Not fasting? Invite people who are fasting to come to your home for iftar! Honour members of your household who are fasting by facilitating things for them during these long, hot summer fasts. Donate to your local Muslim food bank!
  • There's nothing like a little introspection! Look at your character and choose one bad quality you'd like to rid yourself of or one good quality you'd like to improve upon. Make that your focus this month!
  • Also look at your outward actions and do the same. Maybe you spend too much time on your phone, or Facebook. Maybe you don't smile and say hello to your neighbours. Choose a bad action you'd like to eliminate or a good action you'd like to start doing. Make that your focus this month!
If you have other suggestions, ahlan! Please share :)

Please keep this faqirah in your prayers this month.


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