Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Houses: A Reflection of the State of our Hearts

Reading old posts to benefit and saw this one, Punjabi Wisdom right from the village...

The other day my mother was telling me something she'd heard on a Punjabi show she was watching with my father. A Punjabi aunty, was reflecting on families in our times, and what came from her is a testament to the absolute wisdom that people traditionally had ... and when it's Punjabi, wisdom is even more profound! :)

"When we had homes made of mud and clay,
our hearts were soft like them, too.
People sacrificed so much for one another
and were always bound to one another in love and service.
Now our homes are made of bricks and cement,
and our hearts are hard like them.
We don't care for one another
and don't care if relationships are sour or torn."

She went on to talk about how our hearts are so diseased that rather than being happy at the good fortune of others, we are envious and think the worst of how they acquired what they have.

Subhan'Allah. As Shaykh Mokhtar said, "Allah puts wisdom on the tongue of whomsoever He wishes".

Recently my friend's mother commenting on how welcomed she felt in our home, said to me that she felt there wasn't a "Canadian bone" in me. She went on to explain that here she finds that people's homes are not open to others -- often not even to their family and friends. You can't just call and show up, let alone just ring their doorbell because you happen to be in the area. 

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