Sunday, August 02, 2009

If the veils were lifted...

"As it's said, if the veils were lifted
you wouldn't choose for yourself other than what God has chosen."


  1. Anonymous12:39 PM

    يَا ابْنَ الإِنْسانِ
    ارْكُضْ فِي بَرِّ الْعَماءِ ثُمَّ أَسْرِعْ فِي مَيْدانِ السَّمآءِ. لَنْ تَجِدَ الرَّاحَةَ إِلاَّ بِالخُضُوعِ لأَمْرِنا وَالتَّواضُعِ لِوَجْهِنا.

    Trans: O Son of Man! Wert thou to speed through the immensity of space and traverse the expanse of heaven, yet thou wouldst find no rest save in submission to Our command and humbleness before Our Face.

  2. Anonymous6:23 PM

    "If we had perfect power like Allah to determine our destinies,

    and perfect vision like Allah to see the future and know what is best for us,

    we would chose exactly the same fate that Allah has choosen for us"

    - Imam Ghazali, radi Allahu anh