Tuesday, April 08, 2008

And in Allah let the believers place all their trust!


AsSalamu'alaykum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuhu,

I pray you are all well. As some of you may remember from my
"Missings" Post , Salik and I lost most of our luggage coming home from hajj.

Alhamdullah, over three months later, it just got back to us!

Just before I got the call for the first bag having been found, I was mentioning it to a friend of mine and when she was saying how unfortunate it was, I told her it was indeed, but that what we had gained from hajj was far greater than anything we lost of material things. Just as I got off with her, the phone rang to tell me the first bag had been found, but that they could not locate the other one anywhere. This was late March.

Then last week I was speaking to a teacher of ours and when I told him the bag had come and that I would be happy if he prayed for the other bag to also be found, he said, "sister you still have hope?!" and I told him that I was an optimist to the end, just like my father, and so he said, "Insha'Allah!". And alhamdulillah, four days later I got a message that the other bag had been found!

I had been convinced that all of hajj Allah was teaching me non-attachment to material things. The day we put on our ihrams for hajj my camera broke. For all of the days at Mina, my MP3 Player had gone missing, two suitcases were lost enroute to New York from Jeddah, and the remaining two bags were lost between New York and Toronto. Alhamdulillah, the last few months have definately taught me something of this and shown me the reality of the things of this world.

Alhamdulillah. Shukran for your du'as.



  1. salaams hajj buddy
    what wonderful news alhamdulilah

  2. Wa'alaykum AsSalam, Roomy!

    Alhamdulillah, so nice to hear from you, and shukran for your du'as.

    I pray you and the family are well and enjoying the bounties of Allah.

  3. Anonymous6:43 AM

    These are the words for the sake of the love of Prophet Muhammad. The love of the Prophet (PBUH) is best taught in Tareeqa Idrisia (Silsila Idrisia). Shiekh/ Imam of the tareeqa Idrisia is based at the City of Multan in Pakistan since he moved from Hijaz (KSA) in late 80s.

    The name of the Shiekh is Al-Sayyedi Al-Sheikh Al-Hafiz Ameen bin Abdur Rahman.

    The address is 381-A, Shah Rukn-e-Alam Colony, Multan, Pakistan.

  4. Anonymous4:20 PM

    Barak Allah fikum for sharing this beautiful lesson.

    It reminds me that the Beloved, `azza wa jall, is the best Teacher.

  5. Anonymous: Alhamdulillah, our Shaykh is the Arif, Sh. Nuh Ha Mim Keller.

    Electromagnetic: Alhamdulillah, indeed He is the Greatest and Most Merciful Teacher.

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