Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Hajj Tips?

Bismillah. Peace & Blessings Upon the Chosen One.

Assalamu'alaykum wa Rahmatullah wa Barakatuhu,

I'm creating a post to assist all those, myself and Salik included, who are intending to make the hajj this year, insha'Allah (or in the future). If you've made hajj, know people that have, or have advice to would be much appreciated if you could post it here... Things including, but not limited to:

  • How to prepare mentally, physically, psychologically, spiritually, what to buy
  • What to pack (clothes, medications/first-aid, food, *anything important/useful*)
  • How much to pack
  • Tips to help make the most of time delays
  • What to do during long commutes from place to place, esp. Madinah to Makkah
  • Washroom tips (because, well...with that many people things can be a little messy)
  • Health tips
  • Anything you were glad you knew/were ready for
  • Anything you wish you knew/were ready for
  • Anything else...*anything*...
Du'as, please. For a beneficial, successful, mubarak and accepted hajj.

May Allah facilitate the journey for all those whose hearts yearn to go, and may He Most High, accept our efforts out of His Mercy for His creation. Ameen.

Peace and blessings upon the Beloved of Allah, his family, folk, and all those who seek to follow him until the Last Day. Ameen.

Your Sister,


  1. Ameen Dear Sister :) May Allah bless you on the Hajj, and increase your love and wisdom and joy and longing for Hu! I have no tips but one. Allah is patient and loves patience. Allah is kind and loves kindness. So be patient and kind no matter what the circumstances. This is a holy journey, not a holiday, so pack lightly. Allah will provide all that you need.

    Ya Haqq!

  2. Wa'alaykum AsSalam Sidi,

    Amin. Shukran...wise words indeed.

    Keep us in your du'as insha'Allah. May Allah bless you and grant you all that is khayr.


  3. Anonymous3:04 AM

    asalamu alaykum sister,
    i'm just going to write some things off the top of my head-

    How to prepare mentally, physically, psychologically, spiritually, what to buy
    -theres two dimensions to this (as i'm sure you know): the inward and the outward. i would say the inward is about 10 times more important and requires 10 times more effort than the outward. Learn the fiqh of Hajj, going to a live class is best but of course reading a book/SunniPath is fine too. It shouldn't take you long to learn your fiqh. Try and think of different issues which might come up and ask a teacher so you can get these clarified now. Ok so the inward, this is much harder to prepare for. I would recommend you buy Fada'il Hajj by Moulana Zakariya - It goes through the inward reality of every ritual and will really, really, really help. You should start walking now to help you get use t it, esp. if you want to walk while you're there rather than take the bus (which i recommend you do because the ajr is more and you are young so alhamdu lillah). You should take some vitamins, the most important is probably vitamin C, which u should start taking now and then continue taking while u are there so that u don't get ill, or if you do, it won't be as bad as everyone else. Hmmm, psychologically. the best thing u can take there is the sincere intention. One of my teachers said to me that you need a year to prepare for Hajj; before i went there and even for a while after i came back i did not understand this, but now i fully understand this. you need to make your intention sincere, if writing helps, try and write down why you are going, what u hope to achieve etc. While we're on the subject of writing, I would most definitely recommend you to write a diary whilst you're there. You will know why when you come back and flick through it insha Allah. Hajj is Patience. When u go there u will be astounded at some of the things, there will be large crowds, pushing, shoving, etc. it isn't a utopia BUT the struggle lies in remaining calm within. It lies in leaving your affairs to Allah and NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS never, ever complaning and continually saying alhamdu lillah. Keep asking Allah for a Hajj mabroor, before u go, while you're there. and after u come back. Be kind to people, get them water, let people in front of you in queues, don't get impatient with the old etc.

    What to pack (clothes, medications/first-aid, food, *anything important/useful*)
    -Definitely pack first aid pack. some vitamins. And take some food like some cereal bars to snack on, some cereal etc. Not too much, but these type of dry foods will stop you from eating takeouts while you're there (which u should avoid during hajj dayy). try and eat as little as possible: you will feel more energetic and most importantly, you will NOT have to go bathroom very often. if you eat a lot of fruit and maybe one meal a day (but don't starve yourself) then u only need to go bathroom once which will save you a lot of time since the queues are so big and obviously the bathrooms are absolutely filthy too. Take a little pocket book on hajj to carry around at all times for quick reference. For the days of Hajj like in Mina and Muzdelifa. you will need a backpack to carry around with you and a sleeping bag. Overall, pack as little as you can possibly get away with. You do not need alot of clothes, 3 or 4 changes are enough with maybe something nice for Eid insha Allah.

  4. farah3:18 AM

    -Tips to help make the most of time delays
    read quran, athkar etc. I personally would also recommend doing some hifz of the Quran whilst you are there. You will find, because of the place, there is more baraka which means you will be faster at memorising and also when u come back whenever u recite those verses you will be immediately be transported to the place u memorised them.and of course the reward if manifold. Don't ever complain when u are waiting for a long time.i can remember being in a coach for 6 hours and then the petrol ran out and the sriver just told us to get out and then we had to walk the rest of the way. Its no big deal and Allah is ever rewarding. there are specific athkar which you will find in the books that u can recite when nearing makkah or madinah, u can take some time to write in your diary.the best thing whilst nearing madinah munawarrah is probably durood. subhan allah, i've never felt a sakinah like it.

    -Washroom tips (because, well...with that many people things can be a little messy)

    the main thing is to be as hygenic as possible. just because everyone else has left everthing like a tip, doesnt mean u need to contribute too (not that you would). the best tip is to get int here and out as quick as possible to avoid harming other people. if there is an old person behind u in the queue, let them go first because it is harder on the older people.

    -Anything you were glad you knew/were ready for
    -Anything you wish you knew/were ready for

    Hmmm. I'm glad I knew my fiqh because it saved a lot of time and worry. There will be people around you (depending on who you go with) saying lots of different things (as with most things) and as long as u know u learnt your fiqh, it won't really affect/confuse you.

    i guess i wish i'd known just how hard the spiritual aspect of hajj is. Hajj is amazing, it really is and you are very lucky to be going so make the most of it. When my teacher said that u need to prepare fr a year i finally realised that what he meant was that make a change even before hajj. Don't be one way all your life and then go on hajj and expect to come back like a changed person. it doesnt work like that. It might for some people, masha Allah, but thats not what we're hoping for. Make a change, make a promise to Allah, make a tauba. Change things in your life and then go Hajj and your resolve will be stronger insha allah. The most powerful thing is when something INSIDE a person changes, some new realisation, a new closeness to Allah. That is Hajj, that is Allah dawning upon a person. it really is beautiful and powerful.

    Sorry for the huge comments, if i can think of anything else i will post. please please make du'a for me whilse you are there and give my salams to the Beloved salallahu alayhi wasallam. Ask Allah to call me there again and again.
    may Allah grant ua hajj mabrur and make your journey blessed, ameen thumma ameen.
    jazakumallahu khayrun

  5. farah3:28 AM

    oh i would also recommend this book if u dont already have it. it is absolutely beautiful and will really help you insha allah -

  6. Anonymous7:22 AM

    So Happy for you dear sister may Allah accept it from you.
    In all honesty all the material things you can purchase when you are there so dont make the mistake of letting this stuff distract you.
    I was fortunate enough to go last year and I can't stress enough the importance of spiritual preparation. Increase Salawat & Istighfar, go through the fiqh of Hajj as sister Farah advised, beacuse there is often alot of confusion and its better if you know for yourself. You will need patience by the bucket load and be prepared to see things that may shock you- the idea is to keep focused and clear in your own mind. I would definately advise reading the account of Rasul'Allah sallalahu alayhi wasallam's Hajj again and the accounts of the Awliya- it will really help you. I remember I was more concerned with making sure I made good with anyone whome I'd ever upset in my life- no matter how small and insignificant it was. It was amazing because there were people I looked up who I hadn't seen in years because we are all so busy. Also I would advise to take 'pocket' copies of; The Quran with translation (I couldn't find one anywhere) the Dalail and yes 'Prayers for Forgiveness' for throughout your journey.
    So you see...your Hajj starts before you've even set off!
    May Allah make it easy for you and accept it from you and may you be invited again and again!

    love & dua's
    Your sister in Islam.

  7. Wa'alaykum Assalam wa Rahmatullah wa Barakatuhu,

    Farah: Jazak Allah khayr. I can't thank you enough for all the advice! Were you the same Farah that emailed me before you left last year? Your advice is solid. Insha'Allah, putting it into good use.

    Sister in Islam: Shukran also for your advice. Indeed the accounts of those near to Allah are inspiring and open the heart to nur.

    Please make du'a for us and I shall remember all of you insha'Allah as well.

    BTW: What is the weather like at this time of year in Saudi? Esp. at night in the tents...


  8. farah5:26 PM

    salam sis...
    yes 'tis me. barakallahu feeki. in terms of weather makkah was ok, quite warm but sometimes did get colder. in the tents it was actually quite cold in mina and especially in muzdelifah. so aswell as a sleeping bag you should have a jumper or shawl- but wear this over your abaya (or whatever you're wearing) so that if u get warm u can take it off. madinah was much colder, sometimes it was warm in the day but at night and especially at tahajjud time it was freezing. i remember going to tahajjud in the dark and it was raining and windy masha allah. but madinah is beautiful whatever the weather.

    at the raudah in madinatul munawarrah don't push and just be calm then insha allah the guards will see you and make a space for u so u can pray in peace insha allah.

    try and read the seerah and listen tot shaykh hamza yusufs seerah set before you go insha allah - this will really help in terms of increasing love for rasoolallah salallahu alayhi wasallam, his companions and the significant places like his birthplace, mount uhud etc. which u shall be visiting insha allah.
    keep me in duas,

  9. Wa'alaykum Assalam wa Rahmatullah wa Barakatuhu, Farah,

    Shukran so so so much for all your advice, tips, and du'as. You've been so very helpful!

    Almost time...


  10. Anonymous6:56 PM

    Thank you all for your comments, made my heart soft, and found them to be very useful.

    may Allah grant you all forgiveness, may he protect you rhealth and wealth, may he make your grave a resting place, may he make your day of accountability easy, and may he grant you all paradise, ameen.

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