Monday, October 30, 2006

A Reader on the Fiqh of Hajj

In the Name of Allah, Most Merciful & Compassionate

The following links are sorted under five headings: General Questions, Making Mistakes in Hajj, Financial Issues, Women’s Issues, and Types of Hajj/Performing Hajj on Another’s Behalf. Please pray for the needy compiler of these links.

May all those making Hajj have a blessed journey and may their Hajj be accepted by Allah…ameen. Please remember all those suffering in the Ummah and in the world, and all those Muslims unable to make Hajj this year, in your duas.

Please see the following links, sorted by topic:

General Questions

Various Questions
Hajj Questions
Hajj Question: Toothpaste, Deodorant, Soaps, and Suntan Lotion
Hajj: Books/Resources?
Mobile/Cell Phones during Hajj in Mosques
Using Zamzam for Wudu During Hajj
The Current Spirit of Hajj
The Day of `Arafah: The 9th of Dhu'l Hijjah

Making Mistakes in Hajj

Is it permissible for one to do the pelting of stones, during the hajj, on behalf of one's parents, if one fears that they wont be able to do it themselves [due to the crowd]?
The consequences of leaving tawaf al-ifada Prayer while traveling: (Qasr Salah) and its conditions
Penalties in Hajj
Performed Hajj, Are Make-Ups Excused?

Financial Issues

Performing Hajj with a debt
Hajj questions and unlawful wealth
Does Hajj funded by parents fulfill one's obligation?
Hajj on an interest-bearing loan?
Hajj as a Team Doctor
Hajj On Free Transportation?
Can I pay for my father and mother to go for hajj?
Claiming Hajj Expenses as Educational Expenses
Hajj on parent's money which may involve interest
Hajj questions and unlawful wealth
Debt, brothel, and Hajj

Women’s Issues

Hajj and Menstruation
Would it be permissible to take birth control to stop her menstruation in order to avoid menstruation during Hajj?
Hajj: Can an elderly lady perform Hajj alone?
Hajj without a mahram?
Adopted Girl: Covering
Marriage: The Father-in-Law - Hajj & Hijab
Niqab in Ihram

Types of Hajj/Performing Hajj on Another’s Behalf

Is there any preference between the modes of Hajj, i.e. tammatu and qiran?
One Page Hajj Guide (Tamattu)
Can some one do Hajj for their love ones who died and couldn't perform Hajj?


  1. Wow, a wealth of links on Hajj. Thank you so much for posting them. It is a great resource :)

    Ya Haqq!

  2. JazakAllah for this, i shall be going hajj, will come handy.

    request of your duas.

  3. asalamu alaykum,
    thank you for this!!!
    jazaki allah khayr

  4. Wa'alaykum Assalam wa Rahmatullah wa Baraktuhu,

    Mubarak to everyone intending to go on the Hajj. These links are all the more important in those cases, and many are worth printing off.

    May Allah bless SunniPath Answers and those behind the service. May He give them ease, health, and happiness. Ameen.