Saturday, April 15, 2006

Shifa: Remedies and Cures

A new blog that seeks to present the teachings of our beloved teacher, Sidi Hakim Archuletta on health and the Islamic tradition: Shifa should be blog of great benefit, insha'Allah.

Remedies and Cures
by Hakim Archuletta

Its an old basic that one must grasp the essence and the core of the whole subject and not go by "give this for this" In many texts, descriptions of foods in terms of their hot cold wet and dry qualities, for example, you will find conflicting information . I'm not sure of the origins or reason for this.-sometimes from country to country , honey may, for example, be described as hot and dry and even hot and wet in another text. Everything you find, however, that is not in conflict and that makes sense should be stored as a-possible- and you will find prescriptions that are consistent from across the world and through time -these we need to know for our patients as it indicates something sound. [Read More...]

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