Sunday, January 01, 2006

In Light of the New Year...

A fellow seeker of knowledge sent the following message in light of the solar new year, and I thought I'd share it here:

May God be pleased with Imam Ali and everyone who strives to do what is right in times of difficulty. May God forgive us for our shortcomings when we try to do what is right and give us the strength to forgive each other when we fail or in some way disappoint each other.

But what is past is past. Let us now agree to act upon the following allusion offered by Hafiz:

If God Invited You To A Party

If God
Invited you to a party
And said,

In the ballroom tonight
Will be my special

How would you then treat them
When you

Indeed, indeed!

And Hafiz knows
There is no one in this world

Is not upon
His Jeweled Dance

I pray everyone has a great Solar New Year--one in which they discover their own proximity to The Friend. I welcome your correspondence and any news you have to share with me anytime. I hope to see and speak to you all again sooner or later. If, however, I don't see you again in time and space, I pray I see you again when these barriers of "time" and "space" between us don't exist anymore. There, in the Hereafter, safe at last with The One.


  1. May you have a great year with all the blessings of Allah

  2. Assalamu'alaykum,

    As the angels said when you made that du'a, "And may He grant you the same". Amin.


  3. Shalom,

    And may you have a blessed new year too.

  4. Salam Sheila,

    Thank you. Nice to see you drop by -- I much enjoyed your beautifully written post about your visit to a mosque in Singapore...I've always wanted to visit there myself!

    May God grant you much good.