Tuesday, October 25, 2005

AHM: Spiritual Life in Ottoman Turkey and Contentions 9 (Mas'ud Khan)

Sidi Mas'ud Khan has put up two new articles by Shaykh Abdal Hakim Murad (May Allah preserve him and continue to benefit by him):

Spiritual Life in Ottoman Turkey and

Contentions 9

Some especially beautiful contentions of this new set:
  • Our patience is the awaiting of delights for us. His patience is the awaiting of delights for us.
  • Be a good Muslim and you won't want to lie. Be a very good Muslim and you won't need to lie.
  • We have not grown out of the Shari‘a, we have shrunk out of it.
  • Religion desires to change the age. The age desires to change religion.
  • The reading of Scripture is sufficient; but we are not sufficient readers.
  • Incarnation: the finite can contain the Infinite.
  • To know the saint is to know the age.
  • They are not the solution; God is the solution.
  • Each gender was created only that the other might give thanks.
  • We can curse, or we can be discursive.
  • A man who would marry a feminist is not worth obeying.
  • Praying through someone is not praying to someone. Praying because someone is praying is praying to someone.
  • Your property belongs to you if you belong to God. If you belong to Satan you belong to your property.
  • Hear, O Israel, the Lord thy God is not Israel.
  • The cause of modern panic is non-referentiality.
  • ‘Progress and catastrophe are two sides of the same coin'. (Hannah Arendt)
  • Fun is serious.
  • The Alone wishes to save us from loneliness. ‘Come to the prayer!'
  • Those that are wedded to the science of this generation may be orphaned in the next.
  • Islam liberates because it is rooted in our natures.
  • Which is the bigger prison: Islam in the eyes of modernity, or modernity in the eyes of Islam?
Subhan'Allah, Shaykh Murad is so awesome! Masha'Allah. May Allah fill his year long sabbatical in Turkey with much, much barakah and tawfiq. Amin.

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