Thursday, September 08, 2005

Hunger, Ramadan, and Sha'ban

A timely
reminder from Spiritual Tendencies as we approach Ramadan... Insha'Allah we'll learn lessons from that blessed hunger that carry with us through the year.


He who is hungry arrives and he who is satiated is cut off. He who remembers [God] is moved to meditate, while he who forgets is himself forgotten. This is because hunger comprises ten qualities: the purification of the lower soul from lusts and doubts; remembrance; meditation; the shedding of blameworthy attributes and the acquisition of those that are praiseworthy; the emulation of spiritual masters who have gone before, as well as the Companions of the Prophet and those who succeeded them among the first generation of the pious; preoccupation with suppressing the lower soul; and preventing the lower soul from following its lusts.

...Hunger is the vehicle of the worshippers, the way of the pious, the method of the gnostics, the key of those who are guided, and the goal of those who have arrived at the highest [level] of 'Illiyyin.

— Shaykh Abu Madyan

Also: Alexandalus posted a link to a talk by Shaykh Husain Abdul Sattar on "Preparing for Ramadan - The Month of Sha'ban"

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