Saturday, June 11, 2005

The Three Ultimate Realities

Someone asked me to post something of what we were recently reminded of. The following, insha'Allah, is something of the spirit of what we walked away with.

An understanding of the three ultimate realities, the awareness of which should guide your every action:
  • You
  • Your Grave
  • Allah Most High
The basis of the spiritual path is struggle, not laziness. The one lazy in the path is the one who does not wish to break his habits -- nothing will become of him. He needs to get up.

The words of Rabia al-Adawiyya alone at night, as she spoke to her Lord are indicative of one who truly loved her Creator:

"O my Lord, the stars are shining and the eyes of men are closed, and kings have shut their doors, and every lover is alone with his beloved, and here I am alone with Thee."

If you ask for the Greatest and you sleep all night, you're wasting your time. How rude is the one who asks for Jannah without any spiritual works -- how cheap.

The upshot is that it is necessary to change.

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And success is from Allah Alone.


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