Tuesday, May 24, 2005

SunniPath - New Offers!

From SunniPath:

At SunniPath, we are constantly improving. This semester, we are adding 2-way audio communication which will enable students to express their questions, as text questions can easily be misunderstood.

Register Today. Regular Registration ends May 27th.

New Courses

Sahih al-Bukhari Abridged - taught by Shaykh Walead Muhammad

Essentials of Worship (Hanafi Fiqh): Part 2 - taught by Shaykh Faraz Rabbani

The Spirit of the Sunna in Life - taught by Shaykh Faraz Rabbani

SunniPath offers to New Muslims

Anyone who is Muslims for less than 3 years will now be able to take LA100-1H and SP110-1 for FREE. You will also be able to get 50% reduction from all courses under Law department. (Just use the coupon code: NEWMUSLIM)

SunniPath offers for MSA

If you are a MSA president, you are eligible to one free courses per year with SunniPath. All other MSA executive receives 25% reduction from all courses. Please contact us to receive this offer.

visit us: http://www.SunniPath.com

One student said:

Masha Allah, I've been distance learning since my first year of college (I did an associates degree, bachelors degree, and graduate certificate that way) and this is the best distance learning course I have taken yet. and the courses I'm comparing to are online degree level courses up to graduate level at accredited universities and colleges. Masha Allah, I'm really proud of you guys for bringing online Islamic knowledge up to a higher standard than online secular knowledge (which has a lot more people working on it than SunniPath). May Allah reward you, accept your works, and grant you forgiveness and blessings in this life and the next, ameen.

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