Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Zaytuna - Spring's Gift - A Poem by Shaykh Hamza

Masha'Allah, what
can't Shaykh Hamza do? May Allah increase him in all good, give him tawfiq, and grant him the company of the blessed Rasul (Allah bless him and give him peace) in Jannah...ameen.

Spring's Gift - A Poem by Shaykh Hamza Yusuf

I envy the sand that met his feet

I’m jealous of honey he tasted sweet

Of birds that hovered above his head

Of spiders who spun their sacred web

To save him from his enemies

I envy clouds formed from the seas

That gave him cover from the heat

Of a sun whose light could not compete

With his, whose face did shine so bright

That all was clear in pitch-black night

I envy sightless trees that gazed

Upon his form completely dazed

Not knowing if the sun had rose

Or if the sky was one with those

Who knelt, who prayed, and fasted too

Simply because he told them to

With truth and kindness, charity

From God who gave such clarity

His mercy comes in one He sent

To mold our hearts more heaven bent

I envy all there at his side

Who watched the turning of the tide

As truth prevailed and falsehood fled

And hope restored life to the dead

And men and women found their place

With aspirations for God’s Face

I envy the cup that gave him drink

His thoughts that helped us all to think

To be one thought that passed his mind

Inspiring him to act so kind

For me this world is not one jot

If I could simple be a thought

From him to God throughout the ages

As revelation came in stages

I pity all who think it odd

To hear him say there is one God

Or he was sent by God to men

To hone their spirits’ acumen

It’s pride that blinds us from the sight

That helps good men to see his light

He taught us all to be God’s slaves

And he will be the one who saves

Humanity from sinful pride

Muhammad has God on his side

So on this day be blessed and sing

For he was born to grace our Spring

With lilies, flowers, life’s rebirth

In a dome of green like his on earth

- Sh. Hamza Yusuf

Thursday, April 21st, 2005


  1. Anonymous3:49 PM

    from the 1st sentence my heart fell to my knees...beautiful poem

    salla Allahu 3ala 7abibina muhamad

  2. subhan'Allah...indeed...indeed! Allah bless him and give him peace...

    barak Allahu fi kum :)