Thursday, December 09, 2004

The Bounty of Allah

Many years ago someone gave me a book for Eid called
The Bounty of Allah compiled by Aneela Arshed. The book consists of an ayah and hadith/sayings of awliya for each day of the year. Arshed says she was going through an immensely difficult period in her life, searching for meaning, and each of the quotes in the book were words that moved her and helped her grow closer to Allah Most High - the Source of all peace, during that time.

This tiny book that can easily be overlooked at bookstores helped me make sense of things as a teenager, and was a means of great change for me. I return to it even today, and I never regret opening it... Insha'Allah, I will post sayings I find in the book from time to time. May Allah bless and reward her for this book...ameen.

He created me and guides me, He feeds me and nourishes me, and when I am sick, it is He who restores me to health. He will cause me to die and then will bring me back to life, and, I hope with all sincerity, He will forgive me my sins on the Day of Judgement.
- Qur'an 26:78-82

When a person calls upon the ailing, an angel proclaims, "Blessed be your journey through life, and Paradise be your final abode."
- The Prophet Muhammad, reported by Abu Hurairah,
Al-Hadis, 1:286

Alhamdulillah 'ala kulli haal, All Praise is due to Allah, in every condition for His countless blessings upon us: those we are aware of and those hidden from us.


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